My name is Danielle Boyce, some call me Drrty. I'm a 25 yr. old wife & mother with an old soul & a warm heart. I can get a little crazy at times but all in all I want the same things any other mom & wife would want. A hot husband, good kid, delicious food, clean rooms, nice house, to win the lottery, plenty of space, a long life & the ablility to give my family EVERYTHING! Hahaha so far I've got the 1st five down:) 
I've recently started getting into a lot of different things like arts & crafts, do it yourself projects, selling Avon, couponing & organizing everything. I wanted a place to share everything I've learned growing up with my family (the how to's, recipes & quick fixes) along with what I've found or as I like to think what has found me. This is my very first web page & I would love to watch it grow. So please be patient while I put things up here. I have a lot of really awesome things to share with y'all.